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Legal Marijuana Comes With Price

Receipt Legal Marijuana SalesFirst week of legal marijuana sales in Colorado is over and numbers are impressing. The 37 Colorado businesses roughly made 5 million dollars in sales for the first week. High prices for recreational marijuana doesn't stop people from buying it. There are a lot of receipts of legal marijuana sales were posted on Facebook and Twitter since January 1st and the prices are comparably high. An eighth goes for $50, plus the tax $14.25 with the total of $64.25 for 1/8 of legal cannabis; however, this would be one of the cheapest strains of marijuana that you can find at the store.  At the same time, buying recreational marijuana from the store gives you a selection of strains, security and quality of the product.

The first week is over, but the line of people by the store doesn't get smaller. Every store sells 30 to 60 pounds of legal weed weekly that leads us to a annually sales number $600 million dollars. The retail prices are way higher then prices for the medical marijuana at the dispensaries, but retailers are working on lowering it down. As soon as they will be able to produce more cannabis, the prices will go down, so the retail stores can compete with medical dispensaries and the black market.


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