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Legalize Cannabis In Alabama

A lawyer from Montgomery, Alabama, says that it's the time for Alabama state to create the law similar to the one that's operating in other 16 states of the country, which will allow the doctors to give the medical prescriptions for cannabis to their patients who is in pain, by that protecting them from the punishment. K.L Brown, representative of Jacksonville, send a request for consideration to review his proposal in a next month's meeting of legislative bodies.

The document, that will be represent by the leader of the group, who votes for the medical use of cannabis, contain the new studies from the University of Alabama, that breaks the old barriers.

A lot of people want this law to pass, but not a lot think it will. That's' what people think about it:

  • "You right, it might doesn't pass right now, but it's just a step. More and more people will see that the drug war is lost. They will see, that the person belongs just to himself and he can do whatever he wants to himself" - Martin Kain
  • "The plant is used (legally) in 17 states and in Washington, DC. Do you think that the cancer patients suffer less in Alabama then any other state? The geographic location never defined criminalization" - Menshevik1
  • "It will be interesting to see all this conservative opponents of big government and a ban on smoking and at the same time libertarian politics united on this issue. Hey, they can be united and move the federals and let people smoke and reduce their suffering. But will they? Probably not" - Think1stwrite2d
  • "If only we could free up the cannabis from burden of morality! I would sign that petition in a heartbeat. 40 years of war with the plant- 40 lost years!" - Emporessoflaundry
  • "I support it. I'm 65 now, so I better use it and don't think about my cancer" - CO3X157
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