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Live Marijuana Election on 420Radio.ORG


Five states, one district, one territory and fifty-seven municipal and county votes this year in the "Marijuana Midterms". 420Radio.Org presents Live coverage on all the votes: Oregon Measure 91; Alaska Question 2; Florida Amendment 2; Washington DC Initiative 71; California Prop 47; Medical Marijuana in Guam; Tax marijuana like agriculture in Washington. 13 medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation vote in California; 21 marijuana pot shop and marijuana taxes votes in Colorado; 11 Marijuana decrim votes in Michigan; 2 marijuana decrim votes in New Mexico; 8 marijuana public policy questions in Massachusetts;  2 marijuana legalization votes in Maine.

live coverage on all the votes starts November 4th, 2014 at 3pm Pacific time until the Alaska poll close. Don't miss on opportunity to know all about marijuana reforms. Stay tuned on 420Radio.Org

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