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Magical Butter & Their Food Truck

Magical Butter Cannabis Infused Food Truck

MagicalButter Coorporation is a Washington based company who specialized in machines that produces cannabis oil. Recently, Magical Butter came out with an idea of Food Truck! Real 40-foot long Marijuana-Infused Food Truck! So far SAMICH Truck, as people call it, got a huge success and popularity among smoking community. You should have seen the line of people for those BBQ pulled pork "The Broncos" sandwiches and Kushie Tomato Soup at the Denver Cannabis Cup this year. The best part about Magic Butter Food Truck - the price. The food items on a menu are hardly $10 over then the regular restaurant menu.

If you live in Colorado and haven't tried the deliciousness of the MagicButter Marijuana-Infused Food Truck food, then you should join them on Facebook and soon download their phone app, that will help to monitor where the food truck is going to be next. Remember, it can be your neighborhood.

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