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Mango Bubbler

Hi Everyone!

Today our Smoke Pipe Shop Crew will tell you how to make delicious Mango Bubbler that will get you MangoHigher)

Ok, so we will need 

  • Large size, meaty, still hard mango
  • Sharp knife
  • Slide ( You can use a pen for that)

Take the mango and cut off quarter of a top of the mango. Carefully remove the seed from the bottom part of mango. ( Remember to be very careful working with the knife and cutting the Mango - you don't want to make a hole where it shouldn't be)

Second step is inserting the slide (pen) into your Water Mango Bubbler: Carefully insert the slide or pen at an angle of around 45 degrees, slide the pen in and out a few times and dont forget to clean it from the Mango meat before using the Mango Bubbler.

Third step: take the top part of the mango, remove the quarter of the mango seed and carefully make a small hole in a center of the fruit - that will be your Bubbler Bowl.

The last thing you have to do - fill the mango half a way with water, the top part of mango turn upside down and place it into mango main part. Place your smoke into the Mango Bowl, Light it up and enjoy the Mango Smoke out of the pen.

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