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Mango Gets You Higher...

As was proved by San Diego Medical Cannabis Research Center - Mango's chemical components increases the level of THC in your blood after you smoke, which makes you Higher then normal, makes it last longer and gives you more euphoric feelings from Weed Smoke.

How come?- Will you ask- Well, mangos contain Myrcene Terpenes chemical ingridient, that often uses in fragrances industry. This ingridient is very rare and has a very specific aroma, it can be found in

  • Cannabis
  • Mangos
  • Lemon Grass
  • Hops

In contact with THC, Myrcene Terpenes allowes it to pass thru the Blood Brain Barrier faster, that means you get high faster. Also the patients who has been eating Mango prior Smoking noticed that euphoric feelings level was  increased too.

So... Mango- great fruit with a lot of vitamins, good for people of all ages, and now another big plus - makes you Weed Higher. Enjoy smokig with Smoke Pipe Shop.

P.S: in our next Smoke Pipe Shop Blog we will tell you how to make a Mango Bong at home;)

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