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Marijuana & Cocain Aroma Flyes in Italian Air

Italy - gorgeous country, full of love for fashion, romantic and Marijuana aroma in the air..

The scientist from the University of Study of Atmospherics Pollution tested the air from  the 8 biggest cities in Italy, and experiment showed  the huge ammount of cannabinoids in the air. The experiment took place in Rome, Palermo,Boloney,  Florence, Turine, Milano, Verona and Neapol.

The research shows that the biggest amount of canabis and Cocain aroma is in the city Turine, the smallest one belongs to Palermo.

Also scientists noticed the big concentration of coffee and cigarette smoke in the air. The research last a year, after what the scientist came to a conclusion that the concentration of Cocain aroma a cigarette smoke was consistante all year long, while coffee and marijuana aroma was way higher during winter months.

People say right when talkin about Italy that will get high in the sky and will make you fall in love with it.

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