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Marijuana Dispensary In Main

While the Obama Administration trying to straight out and even close some marijuana dispensaries on a west coast, on the Atlantic coast is the opposite. The new cannabis pharmacy was recently open in Main.

Previously in this small, almost toy town, the cannabis trade wasn't so open. But a lot of people from the population of 2400 in the whole city, need medical cannabis because of the health issues. Since 2009 after the referendum on the medical cannabis issue was successfully held in the north-eastern state, the Medical Cannabis Dispensary in Hallowell Main is the number 8th in the state.

Nonprofit Organization "Wellness Connection", opened the pharmacy far away from residential and tourist districts, but close to the shops that sell furniture for beauty salons and garden plants. So no one has complains.

The number clients of this pharmacy is about 30, and all people of 40-50 years old, and it's about a little more then 1% of the total population who now can use cannabis legally for the medical purposes. The security carefully checks everyone, and just people who has a prescription can get inside of the pharmacy.

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