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Marijuana Legalization in Uruguay

Past Wednesday, the Uruguay's president unveiled a proposal to control and legalize marijuana industry. Jose Mujicas said that soon he will send the bill on a Congress review.

The main part of the bill is "Strict state control over the distribution and Production of cannabis" said Defence Minister Eleuterio Fernandez Huidobro. The government will also fight for the worldwide marijuana legalization.

However if the cannabis legalization bill will pass in Uruguay, Justin citizens over 18 years old registered in a data base will be able to purchase cannabis from the government.

Mujicas and Huidobro hope that marijuana legalization will stop the illegal marijuana traffic and drug war. Instead all the money will go to the government, which will help the economy to grow.

The cannabis bill will legalize it and set Rules for the production and sale of marijuana, but would not allow people to grow weed for their own purpose.

The authorities believe that the ban of light drugs cost more broblems then the drug itself.

we will see how this bill will go, maybe soon Uruguay will be an example country for the rest of the world.

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