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Marijuana Strains for Anxiety

Medical marijuana can be useful for reducing anxiety levels, provided you know which strains are best to use. Weed can relieve symptoms such as worry, stress and alarm. If you grow your own buds, then you have the advantage of choosing exactly which strains can best manage your anxiety.

How Marijuana Can Reduce Anxiety

Marijuana Strains for AnxietyTHC, CBD, and Anxiety

When choosing a strain of weed for anxiety relief, the best all-around tip is to go with a strain that has the lowest levels of THC and the highest CBD (cannabidiol) levels. There are, however, specific strains that help with anxiety but don’t follow this general guideline. In these instances, likely there are cannabinoids involved that haven’t yet been studied for their effects.

Types of High-CBD Strains

Try strains high in CBD to lower anxiety; to be “high in CBD,” typically it is over 2 percent CBD. Examples are CBD Shark, Pennywise, Auto CBD Sugar Gom, CBD Critical Mass, and Harlequin (clone only). CBD is found in many strains of weed and has the potential to provide several medical benefits yet it doesn’t leave the user feeling “high.”

But generally avoid high-CBD strains that also have high THC levels. Also, usually anxiety sufferers do best to steer clear of strong edibles, buds harvested early, untested edibles, or moldy-looking buds. If you have tried a particular strain in the past and experienced an anxious reaction to it, the best course of action is not to use that particular kind again.

Trying a New Strain

If you are a trying a new strain, even one that seems to be proven by research to lower anxiety, just take a bit, at first, to test how your body reacts to the first time. Let your body tell you how it feels about this strain before you take the full amount as self-medication.

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