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MedChew, THC-Infused Chewing Gum

AXIM Biotechnologies is one of the biggest companies thats specialize in  treatment of pain, axiety, medical disorders with cannabis products.

Meet The MedChew

MedChew THC Infused GumRecently, Axim Biotechnology announced the new product, named MedChew - chewing gum with THC for treatment of multiple sclerosis, Irritable Bowel disease and Crohn's Disease. MedChew is still under the development, but the company claims that cannabis gum will have support from the Food & Drug Administration; However, the product will be available fro the customers only in 2017.

Axim Biotechnology is based in New York with the second location in Netherlands, where the cultivation of marijuana will take place. Currently, Axim Biotechnology uses marijuana provided by the Bedrocan grow facility, but to creat the best product on a market, Axim's growers will establish their own process to produce all the nacessary cannabis for the manufacture.

Keep your eyes open and soon you will be shopping for MedChew instead of Trident.

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