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Medical Cannabis Bike Tour For A Great Cause

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour is a non-profit organization that believes in medical healing potential of cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Bike TourEvery year Medical Cannabis Bike Tour raise the money to fund independent doctors and scientist to research cannabis as a cure for cancer. It's their second year, but the amount of participants and donations are doubled up from the last year tour. In 2014 50 people from Europe and the USA join the bike tour and the sponsors donated twice as much then last year.

Medical Cannabis Bike Tour 2014 took the place on March 11-14th. Riders from around the world cycled for 3 days with over 350 kilometers distance through the most beautiful scenes of Spain. The final destination was Spannabis Expo in Barcelona, where the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour donated a check with 100 000 for Cannabis Research. 

Every year Medical Cannabis Bike Tour getting bigger. $200 dollar entrance covers the uniform, 3 nights hotel stays, lunch and dinner, luggage transportation and Spannabis expo entrance.

If you are in good physical shape and have $200 and  the will to help the great cause, then join the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour in 2015.

For more info visit their website at

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