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Medical Cannabis Legalization In New Jersy

Legislators of New Jersy State aproved the plan legilizing use of cannabis for the medical purposes. As soon as the law is adopted, New Jersy will become a state number 14 where the doctors can prescribe cannabis as a medication to their paitients.

The General Assembly and the Senate of New Jersy voted for this law at the last day of the legislative session. The patients with deceases like Cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy etc., will be able to get their drug at the licensed pharmacies as long as they have the medical prescription.

Democratic Governer Jon Corzine said that he will sign a new law before he leaves the office on Tuesday January 19. For the next 9 months, patients who have doctor prescription, will be able to buy cannabis from one of the 6 pharmacies located in different parts of the state.

New elected governer, Republican Chris Christie, expressed the doubts about medical cannabis legalization, but the law was passed by the General Assembly (48 votes to 14) and by The Senate (25 votes to 13).

At the present time use of medical cannabis allowed in states like California, Oregon, Washintgon, Alaska, Maine, Nevada, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Vermont, Richmond, New Mexico and Michigan.

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