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Medical Marijuana may Heal Broken Bones

Medical Marijuana Heals Broken Bones

Broken BoneNew Research on CDB from Pot Preventing Broken Bones

Another study has been released that shows weed’s CBD cannabinoid is beneficial. The most recent research reveals that CBD holds promise for clinical use for preventing bone-related issues.

The study, performed in Israel, was published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. Researchers tested rats, which they injected with different types of active cannabinoids.
What was the intention of the study done in a controlled environment? To determine which type of cannabinoid provided the test rats with the most relief.

In terms of bone healing, rats with cracked femurs healed significantly faster when they had been injected with the CBD cannabinoid. As for the rats that received a combination of CBD and THC, their bone healing was much less effective.

Yes, the CBD appears to speed up the fracture healing process, at least in this instance with the rats. The fractures were studied using 3D X-ray imaging, called micro-computed tomography. This study is the latest one in a series of research inquiries on the effects of cannabinoids on the human body.

Perhaps the research will go far to prove that CBD has anti-inflammatory benefits and holds the potential to be used in clinical environments as an immunosuppressant in the future. The study certainly shows that cannabis has effects on health conditions; in this case, the researchers found that CBD enhances fracture healing. Israel continues to be a leader in the research field when it comes to collecting data on medical cannabis.

Marijuana research continues, and it seems we are on the cusp of many more findings like this one in the future. The effects of marijuana on human health is sure to be focus of many studies to come.

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