Mile High Cannabis Massage

Cannabis industry is powerful and strong. The more states legalize it, the more ways of using cannabis people find.

Apothecanna Cannabis LotionLoDo Massage & Yoga studio in Denver, Colorado offers "High Mile Therapeutic Massage". LoDo specialists use Apothecanna, THC-infused lotions, at no extra charge. All the massage therapists say, cannabis-infused lotions works better then the regular one. Apothecanna allows easier and deeper access to customer's muscles , the cannabis lotions let the customer get into deeper relaxation mode without getting high. Currently, there are three options for High Mile massage:

1 hour - $65

1.5 hour - $95

2 hours - $130

Mary Jane MedicanalsMore and more Colorado & Washington massage therapists are looking into using cannabis-infused lotions for the massage sessions. Some of them welcome their clients to bring their own cannabis lotion for a massage session. There is quite a selection of available products. Another great THC-infused lotion is Body & Massage Oils by Mary Jane Medicanals or Hempz.



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