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Miley Cyrus's Outfit On Her Bangers World Tour.

Since we are being in a fashion mood today, we decided to talk about this young famous singer Miley.

Everyone know Miley Cyrus. Some people hate her, some people love her. During Miley's carrier everyone saw a few changes, transformation from a beautiful Disney channel star with long hair to a wild blond chick who loves her herbs.

Green & Gold Pot Leaf Glitter Leotard Miley Cyrus Bangers World TourToday,l we would love to discuss her costumes during her Bangers World Tour. If you didn't know yet, the Bangers World tour has begun at the end of February; However, Miley got sick, followed by the bad allergic reaction on antibiotics that she was taken. She just got better and actually performing tonight, May 6, 2014 in London.

Pot leaf themed Miley's outfits during her World Tour were designed by The Blonds - design duo Phillipe and David Blond. The glittery leotard, that Miley wares during her performance, was made  by hand with use of 3D-printed graphics of bright gold and green cannabis leafs. Swarovski crystals we sewn on to make the pot leafs to pop up and sparkle. The leotard is very cool  and fits perfectly Miley's style and the cannabis theme of the show, where she flies on a hot dog and back stage dancers are dressed as joints.

Once again Miley confirmed her passion for the herb.

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