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News In Cannabis World 20 December

20 December 2011 In Brasil  Large Ammount Of Cannabis Weight Over 13 Tons Were Confiscated. Brasil Police Cought Couple Trucks With Illigal Drugs At The Check Point  On A Bord Of Brasil With Paraguay, Near The Kaarapo City, Mato Grosso Do Sul. According To The Fox News The Transport Documentation Says That The Trucks Were Filled With Wood. Tho The Law Enforces Found A Hidden Caches Beetween The Wood Logs.

The Drivers Of The Two Trucks Said They Got An Order On Delivering The Wood To The Border State San Paulo. For The Transportation Of Illigal Cargo The Drivers Were Paid $1300

By Authorities The Drivers Were Charged With Smuggling And Punished By A Term Of 5 To 15 Years, Which Will Depend On A Judge.

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