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Nick Diaz - cannabis cost him a revenge

The expected rematch between welterweight Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit will not happen any time soon.

Several fighters who competed last Saturday on UFC 143 were subjected to postfight drug and steroid test. All the results were negative except one - Nick Diaz. He was tested positive for marijuana metabolites.

Nick never hid the fact that he was smoking cannabis, but  always successfully deduced the cannabis metabolites from his body 10 days before the next fight. This time, his method failed.

Let's say it's not the first time when Nick was caught on cannabis. In 2007 Nevada State Athletic Commission has debarred him from the fights for six months. This time the punishment can be more serious. Even the fact that cannabis does not increase endurance and increases the strength  of athletes -  rules are rules.

Now Diaz will have to say Good-Bye to dreams of rematch against Carlos Condit.

UFC president Dana White said "I am beyond disappointed that Diaz tested positive for marijuana, It's now in the hands of Nevada State Athletic Commission"

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