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Paul McCartney quit smoking cannabis

Paul McCartney quit smoking cannabis because of his younger daughter.

The daily telegraph announced that McCartney said he doesn't want to be a bad example for his younger daughter Beatrice, who is 8 years old right now.

The musician didn't explain why he never refused cannabis, while his other four kids were growing.

Paul began to smoke pot probably at the same time when he got his Suffix "Sir", and was made a Knight of the Order of the British Empire, which had happened in 1960 th. He was introduced to the drug by the musician Bob Dilan. Afterwords McCartney experiment a lot with the drugs, he tried LSD, heroin, cocaine.  He was arrested twice in   for the marijuana possession. In 1980 he was kicked out of Japan, when a large amount of drugs was found in his suitcase.

The Beatrice's mother, Heather Mills, during the divorce proceeding, which began in 2006, said to the press that McCartney smokes more weed then normal people drink tea.

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