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Plain with cannabis on board crossed Obama's air space

Small plain loaded with cannabis was forced to land by US Air Force  after it cross the air space with Obama's helicopter. It had happen past Thursday in South California.
The incident occurred at 11 am local time, when the president was flying to Beverly Hills after the charity event, that took a place in a private residence in Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach.

NORAD (North American Air Defense Command) made a statement, in which he said: "Two F-16 fighter took off from the Riverside March Air Force Base, CA to respond to short-term violation of flights restriction of the Cessna 182 Aircraft over Los Angeles. After intercepting aircraft aircraft, F-16s accompanied it to the landing site, without any incidents where the plain was met by law enforcement officers."

Small plain was forced to land at the airport of Long Beach, CA, after what police found 10 kilograms of cannabis on board, reported KNBC-TV on it's website.

Representatives of NORAD didn't give details about how close the plain got to the Marine One and whether it was a danger, but NBS said Obama was saved.

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