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Pot for Organ Transplants

Pot May Help Organ Transplants

Organ Transplants Aided by MarijuanaResearchers from the University of South Carolina have made an important discovery about the potential benefits of pot for organ transplants.

The Journal of Leukocyte Biology recently published the findings of the research team in South Carolina this month. As per the study, THC, which is the main psychoactive ingredient in pot, may help keep people from rejecting organs after transplants. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol and is responsible for the high that users experience when smoking pot.

As per Dr. Mitzi Nagarkatti, part of the research team at the University of South Carolina, the research showed that cannabinoid receptors are factors in the prolonged rejection of a foreign graft. The study found that the receptors suppressed the recipient’s immune responses. In this case, the recipient was a mouse.

The findings are preliminary, so more research does need to be done to determine the exact preventative properties of THC. A positive point though is that a new research area is opening up to discover new ways to help organ transplants.

Another benefit of the recent study is that it shows there are new ways to think about the ingredients in pot. Rather than focusing on negative connotations, here is a benefit shown for marijuana.

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