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Private Glass Blowing Lessons

Lear How To Blow Glass Pipes

Glass Blowing Snake PipeIf you would like to learn glass blowing art, then you have two options: become a student at the college or take short private lesson.

Private Classes By C&H Glassworks

C&H glassworks based in Lakewood, Colorado offers private glass blowing lessons. Learn how to make your own glass pipe from a professional. You can take a private lesson or share it with your friend. The class takes 3 hours and during that time you will learn how to set up your work space, what supplies and tools you need, proper use of torch, safety rules, how to create simple pendants, glass spoons and other sculpturing techniques. If it's one on one class then all attention is on you and you will learn a lot. If friend of yours came along then hands-on instruction time will be evenly split between two of you.

Private class is pricy, but well worse it. The 3-hours private session will cost you $210, all the necessary tools & supplies will be provided by C&H glassworks. Classes are available only on Saturdays and have to be scheduled at least 7 days prior. If you decide to cancel, 48-hour cancellation notice required.

After you leaned the basics, you can rent a glass studio and practice your skills. You can rent a hot or cold studio on weekday evening or weekends.  Rent cost 35 per hour including provided set of tools.

To schedule class or learn more information visit C&



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