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Protein Bong!

Everyone knows that exercises is good for your body. A lot of us even follow that and regularly visiting local gym. And if you are fan of exercising  and all that healthy style of life, you probably drinking some protein shakes to get more energy for your work out. At any convenient store or gym you probably saw all kinds of variety of protein powder, so you can make your own shakes with protein. Well, today we gonna find out what kind of energy protein gives you, when you smoke it.

And we are not talking about adding protein to your water bong, though we probably should try that in a future, but today we will build a Bong from the Protein Bottle!

That's how its gonna look

Protein Bottle Bong

To make this kind of Protein Bong will be pretty easy. Drill a hole at the top and place a smoking tube there. Drill another hole on a side of the bottle for your smoking bowl. Sometimes you need to use some glue to seal the drilled holes, preventing the smoke leak, and it also will help your bowl and smoking tube to be more stable. Fill the new Protein Bong with water, tight the top very good, pack the bowl and your are ready for a gym experience.



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