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"Marijuana Does Not Smoke" Signs on the Streets of Amstardam

Associate Press announced that Amsterdam authorities began a sale of souvenir's signs "Marijuana Does Not Smoke", to save the signs, that will be set all over the city, from the tourists who loves to bring something back home.

The special sign, that prohibit use of drugs, was set in a poor district of Amsterdam  - De Baarsjes. But the next day sign disappeared. The authorities set the second pointer, and it disappeared too.

The City Hall said that Souvenirs signs should be selling at 90 euros each. "We will be selling them almost at self cost, so the revenues will be modest" - said the spokesman. The Sign "Marijuana Does Not Smoke" can be ordered at the district administration.

Starts February 1st, the fine for smoking on streets of De Baarsjes will be 50 euros. The Local authorities believe that similar signs will be set all over the other parts of Amsterdam in the nearest future.

Round signs prohibiting marijuana smoking on the streets, are designed to reduce the crime committed under the drug influence.  Lets remind that the official use of marijuana is not longer allowed in Netherlands, but the police usually "close their eyes" on a small amount of grass, and still at the coffee shops you can get cannabis for your personal use with the doping card..or maybe even without it..Who knows?

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