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"Weed Wars" Medical Marijuana Dispensary might be shut down by Feds

The largest Medical Marijuana Dispensary in a world has been targeted by the Feds!

California Harborside Health Center, that has been featured on the show "Weed Wars" and today is the biggest dispensary in a world, has been targeted for closure by federal prosecutors in Northern California.

Both locations in Oakland and San Jose were charged with the abuse of California's hazy medical marijuana laws, by selling weed to the people, who didn't have a doctor prescription.

What does that mean? - that if the Harborside's landlord don't give the businesses the boot, both locations can be shut down  and confiscated from him by the Feds.

In 2006, this Medical Marijuana Dispensary was found by marijuana advocate DeAngelo.

Steve DeAngelo brought the dispensary on a high profile level. Currently Harborside serves over 100,000 medical marijuana users a year, sells about $20 million worth of cannabis and pays over $3 million in federal, state and local taxes.

In his interview to The Times, DeAngelo said that Harborside has nothing to be ashamed of and believe that justice are on their side. They are going to fight Federal actions openly in public with every legal means at their disposal."

Also Steve said "People are not going to stop using cannabis if they don't have a prescription, they just going to buy it in the illegal marketplace...on the streets."

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