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Saved a kid, got arrested for cannabis

Glasgow, Scotland.

Scotland police found a mini farm full with cannabis in the house of the man, whom the local law enforcement agencies decided to reward for helping a child in an accident. As was reported by Daily Record, police found a mini plantation when they came to the house of 33 years old man, to bring to his attention that he had received a special award for helping a child.

33 years old Andrian Mailer was selected from the list of citizens of the Perth city, who recently showed care and attention to the people in need. Andrian help a 9 years old boy, who fall out from the ATV, with the first aid, which put him number one in a list for the police award.

However, Andrian lost a chance to get his reward and police appreciation, because 3 bushes of cannabis were found at his house. When the police arrived they smelt the characteristic odor that was coming from the bedroom.

In the end Mailer was arrested and recently appeared in front of the judge. His lawyer said that Mailer was growing cannabis for his own purposes and not for sale. So Mailer was released but got a fine of 450 pounds, which is about 540 euro.

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