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Scratch & Sniff Cannabis Cards

Holland, the country of tulips, windmills, wood-shoes and legal cannabis for the citizens.

Marijuan-Scented Scratch & Sniff CardAs everyone already knows, effective of May 1st 2013, if you decide to visit Holland, you won't be able to try their cannabis any more. However, if you are a citizen of the Netherlands, you still can enjoy the joint at the local coffee shop.

While cannabis is still legal, recreational side of the magical plant is illegal in Netherlands, though government start talking about legalizing cannabis recreation under the authorities control.

To prevent the illegal cannabis growing operations, Netherlands authorities came out with an idea of distributing Marijuana-scented scratch & sniff cards. The flyer looking paper starts with a slogan "Assist in combating cannabis plantations", has two squares that can be scratched to release marijuana smell. Phone number of the local authorities is provided on a back side of the flyer. As authorities believe, this scratch & sniff marijuana cards help citizens to identify the smell of the marijuana and report it to the police if there are suspicious activity at their next door neighbor's house. Holland authorities hope to make this program work nationwide.

There are over 30 thousand illegal cannabis plantations in Holland. People set them up on the roofs, basement, garages and sometimes even rent the whole house for the marijuana growing operation.  

Since the Marijuana-scented scratch & sniff cards program start working, police receives at least one call per day in each city with a notification of something abnormal going on. Tons of illegal cannabis nurseries has been discovered and locked up.

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