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Sex, Drugs, and Jazz

Sex, Drugs, and Jazz is a new Web Stoner Comedy series about brilliant gypsy jazz guitar player, who doesn't know how to do anything else. Under the pressure of the Big Apple he is forced to start selling weed for money.

"The Chronicles of Neptune" was filmed in several locations of New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan. When you watch a movie you will feel the vibe and diverse of music world and street life with every piece of your skin.

The episode is online now and each new one will be posted on the first of each month throughout 2012.

To see this funny excellent movie go to

And if you not sure that you will like it - just watch the trailer and decide for yourself. Tho if you are into Marry Jane culture - you are definitely in for this comedy, just too bad that we have to wait so long for each episode...

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