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Show-n-Tell about the plant

The little boy just want to be cool and popular after his show-n-tell school class, but everything turned out to a disaster.

Marijuanan Plant In A Pot

Early Friday morning a 8-year-old Jimmy decided to take one of his parent's cannabis plants from the back yard and take it to school for his Show-n-Tell class. He thought it would be cool to show off in front of his friends, however his teachers weren't on the same page with him. The cops were called immediately after one of the teachers of Good Hope Elementary School in Cali saw his student presenting the cannabis plant to his friends on a playground.

The answer on a police question about where little boy took the plant from , he said - my parent's backyard. What a surprise it was for Rafael and Yadira Lopez when a few police officers showed up on their door steps.

There are few more plats were discovered in California homeowner's backyard and in the back of the trunk. The couple was arrested and four kids were places under the Child Protective Services.

The lesson of the story - always check what your kid takes to school with him.


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