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Smoking or Eating?

Each of us wondered, at least once, what's better Smoke or Eat marijuana, and the debate of this matter can be very different for different people.

Some say smoke, some say eat.

Well, first of all, we think it depends on what you like more. However, let's say that you have to go in public and be there for a few hours and it will be impossible for you to light your smoke bowl, then you definitely should try eating it. Eating marijuana wins over smoking it IF you are going to be in Public, where you want to be high because it takes longer for THC get into your system compare to when you smoke. It takes almost an hour for you to get high after eating marijuana, while it takes only 2 minutes if you smoke.

Another great thing about eating marijuana, especially if you like cooking (it takes a few hours to make a marijuana dish), it Last Longer. Smoking marijuana get you high fast, but last only about 2 hours, eat it and it will keep you high from 4-8 hours.

A few more privileges you get if you eat marijuana - No Smell, Lung Health, Different High Effect from smoking.

So, our recommendation, even if you have been smoking all your life, and that's the only way you like doing it, still, at least for once, take you time, cook your delicious brownies and eat marijuana! You won't regret it.


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