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Snoop Dog

All Our Favorite Snoop Dogg, together with San Francisco agency Pereira & O'Dell came out with a book "Rolling Words" - which is a smokable songbook.

Each page of this book is a rolling paper with Snoop Dogg's greatest songs and lyrics written on them in non-toxic ink. The pages are perforated which makes it easy

to detach them.

This book came out as a promotion for Snoop Dogg's Kingsize Slim Rolling Paper, and, as Snoop put it, can be used "whatever you have or however you have it".

And since Snoop Dogg thinks about everything, the book made of hemp-related material, with the cover, binding, and internal lining all made from hemp seed paper

and the spine of the book is a Match Striking Surface - so first read it, then roll it, light it and smoke it.

The book's release will be limited, but if you are lucky and have a ticket to Coachella Valley Music & Art Festival, you will have an opportunity to sample a page

or two from posters placed at the festival with the rolling papers as tabs to detach and take.

Rolling Paper in a Book style from Snoop Dogg

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