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Snoop Dogg Was Arrested For Keeping Cannabis

Hip-Hop singer Snoop Dogg has got into another scrape. Highway Patrol found cannabis in his tour bus and arrested Snoop Dogg.

It's not the first time of Snoop Dogg being arrested and not just for cannabis but for the possession of the firearms.

This time the accident occured during an ordinary examination of the vehicle, that was a tour bus of Snoop Dogg, on the board of the small town in Texas - Sierra Blanca.

During the inspection of the bus K-9 dog found a bottle of medicine, which had cannabis inside instead of the medicine.

Law enforcement agents said that Snoop Dogg insist that cannabis belonged to him and that in California, where he is from, medical cannabis is legal with the prescription of the doctor, which Snoop Dogg legally had.

As a respond to the Texas police officers acctions, Snoop Dogg said that they should be more tolerant to those they inspect.

The singer was released from custody. If he did not have a prescription, the sentence of the prossession of cannabis would have been at least 180 days.

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