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Stash for a Crash

Winter Blizzard 2014If you live in Northern part of the USA then the snow blizzard, low temperatures and cold wind is coming for you. To survive this winter 2014 you need to "stash for a crash". First of all, get yourself a snow shuffle, just in case of an emergency you need to leave your house. Second, get your warm pajamas out of the closet and get closer to a fireplace, of course if you have one. Stock your pantry with lots of food, drinks and snacks for munchies. Prepare your movie and music collection. The final and the most important step to survive this winter blizzard - prepare your stash! Remember, then more then better - time will fly by if you have something to smoke, snacks will keep your belly happy and comedies will entertain you while it's storming outside.

Stay warm and prepared. Spring is only two months away!


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