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Stonerware - For Those, Who Loves to Cook!

If you like to make your cannabis infused meals and deserts, then you need a couple new additional items to your kitchen. Searching online for some cool and unique pot leaf items we found this wonderful stonerware, that every smoker would love to have on his/her kitchen.

#1 Pot Leaf Baking Pan from Stonerware

Stonerware Baking Pan

Baking pan with six pot leaf-shaped sections, made from a flexible high tech silicone is safe for the convention oven with up to 420 degrees, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. You can make any kind of tasty treats you can think of, anything from hash-oil infused brownies and ice-cream, ice cubes and chocolates. you can shape and mold anything in this multitask pot leaf baking pan, that's why it's so great.

Baking Pan can be purchased online on EBay for as low as $13.95 and will be delivered to you in about 3 days, after that you will become a "Pot Baking King".


#2 Cannabis Leaf Lollipop Candy Mold

Cannabis Leaf Lollipop Maker

Three-section Cannabis Leaf lollipop maker is a perfect addition to your kitchen. In this candy mold you can make lollipops, ice cubes, chocolates or butter. The only negative side of this mold is "No Hot Temperatures". So you can make anything that has to be cool down, but not baked.

This Cannabis Leaf 3-section Lollipop Candy Mold can be purchased on EBay for as low as $2.40. Cheap and practical cannabis leaf tray will turn you party into a pot celebration.

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