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Super Smoking Bowl 2014!

Super Bowl 2014The time is running out and there are only few days left until the big game - Super Bowl 2014!

Everyone is getting ready for a big party and a great football game. While you are stocking up your fridge with snacks and beers, Marijuana Policy Project is getting ready too and setting up the billboards around the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey towards the Marijuana Support. The first Super Bowl ever with two participating  teams from the States with legal marijuana will become an Advertisement for the Pot Legalization. MPP projects encouraging the tailgaters drop the beer and pass the bong. This great game will become the major event in spreading the correct information about marijuana and it's affect on people's life's. Everyone hopes to spread the truth about pot and make people talk one to another, make them understand that marijuana is less harmful then alcohol. 


Will see what Super Bowl 2014 brings us. Go Seahawks! Go Broncos!

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