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Superbowl XLVI Smokers

Superbowl XLVI was hold with the participation of three players who was arrested for cannabis possession before.

Kevin Faulk & Shaun Ellis - both play for The Patriots, Also Derrick Martin who plays for NY Giants.

All of them were arrested in 2008 for the cannabis possession.

  • Shaun Ellis: At that time was playing for NY Jets. He was arrested for the marijuana possession and smoking devices, after his car was stopped November 29 in Hanover, NJ. He wasn't allowed to play one game in the beginning of the season in 2009 and gave him a fine of $100,000. For his 12-years career time he had just one sack in his first season in New England.
  • Kevin Faulk: This #33 RB received a summons for possession of marijuana after the Lil Wayne concert in Lafayette Louisiana, February 22, 2008. He admitted that he is guilty and paid fine of $300 and was sentenced to the community service work.  He was suspended just one game by NFL. Faulk has 13-years career in NFL, but this season played just 7 games.
  • Derrick Martin: #22 DB for the New York Giants was arrested for possession of 3 bags with cannabis at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport June 29, 2008. He was suspended also just for one game by NFL. The first season with Giants, he made 12 TCKL. Martin also played for Packers - The Champions of the last year.

The Victory is where Derrick Martin is we believe...

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