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Tasty Bong

Once again, Smoke Pipe Shop wants to present to you one of the Best & Coolest Bongs from all over the world, and today it's Pineapple Bong!

This particular bong will be called - Spongebob's Pineapple Bong! Why? - Spongebob originally lives under the water, wears square pants and has a Pineapple house, that actually looks like a some kind of bong. So we will call it a SpongeBob Pineapple Bong

To make one basically cut a hole in top part of the pineapple by the green bush part, get rid of the soft part of the fruit with the spoon, stick a tube (or a plastic bottle) thru the top part of the pineapple. Cut another hole of the size of the bowl on a bottom part of the pineapple bong and stick a bowl into it. Here is your

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