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Tasty Bong Part II

And we are back to our Tasty & Delicious Bongs!

Today's Specialty is Very Sweet and Yammie Bong, well we should probably say Pipe, is Starburst Bong!

Is very easy to make, plus will cost you less then 2$.

So take a pack of your favorite Starburst, and a pencil, or a scissors, whatever works better for you. We prefer Pencil with Eraser.

Take the eraser part off the pencil, and using the metal part of it poke a hole in each unwrapped Starburst Candy. You can use as many as you want, just remember then longer it is, then easier to smoke out of it. After you done poking the holes, put all the Starburst Candy together, creating a tunnel  inside. Make sure you keep one without the hole, so you can close out your tunnel at the end. One piece of Starburst clip on top of the rest, that will be your smoking bowl. In general the construction will look like this

Bong made of Starburst Candy

Now you just have to pack a bowl and enjoy delicious taste of smoke.

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