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Teen stole tomato plant, Mistook for cannabis

What a life! People can't see the difference between pot and tomato plant!

In Daytona Beach, Florida 15-year-old teen stole a tomato plant thinking it was a Pot Plant!

Angela Cartwright returned to her house after taking her kid to the school bus and saw someone leaving thru her kitchen window with one of her plants in his hands. The kid even yield at the woman "You see, I have one of your pot plants!", he was probably high at the moment, because only a moron or somebody who is high would mistake a tomato plant for  a pot plant. The lady chased the teen but lost him.

A few days after, Cartwright was walking her kid to school and saw the same teen, she recognized him because he was wearing the same cloths he wore on a day of robbery. She called the cops and the kid was arrested.  He was charged with unarmed burglary of an occupied dwelling. This is his first offense, and hopefully he will realize he is not cut out for a life of crime.

The teen's name is not identifying because of his age.

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