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The Best Places To Smoke Cannabis

♥AMSTARDAM♥ - We will remember you forever!

Untill recently the best place to smoke cannabis was Amstardam, Because its a pot-smoking paradise. Cannabis is one of the best ones, easy to get the smoke mix you can just go to any coffe shop, get high and watch people walking on a streets, and the most important thing - you dont hace to worry about the police, becaus ecannabis is ligal here. But that was just untill not long ago Netherland government came out with the law about not selling weed to the tourists.. So no more Amsterdam, you still can smoke in the southern counties of the country not for a long time tho. But SmokePipeShop had to put Amstardam in our list even if its just a memeory.


Colorado is generely open for anything, we mean smoke pipes are legal, salvia is legal, weed is legal too. But nothing bits the college town Boulder, nearly everyone smokes pot there, the city is filled with high quality cannabis, plus with that thin mountain air, you won't  only get high quicker you will stay up there longer.


Kentucky still keeps cannabis as an illegal product, but their allow to sell smoke glass pipes and salvia is legal too. But money talks, and sometimes pot growers can be more dangerous then a police. But still Kentucky grows some home good high-quality stuff.


Maybe the city is not famous for good cannabis but this college city host "Hash Bash" - a city wild annually party every spring. Good Cannabis & Good Times - thats all we need.


Hawaii Has not just a perfect climate, but also famouse for the world-class cannabis. Plus everyone who is over 21 years old allowed to privately grow an posses up to 24 ounce of cannabis. Perfect place to be.


SF has served as a hippie heaven since 60's. People from all over the world come here for colorfull festivals and slightly baked culture of the West Coast. Smoking Weed is illigal But Smoking Medical Cannabis is complitely different situation, Doctors will write you a prescription fo rgeneral pain and the nearest medical dispensaries will give you your smoking friend.


People here were fighting for weed legalization for a long time, but they do have the next best thing to legalized cannabis - medical cannabis, which helps the good stuff circulate in this Middle-Easten heaven.


Its illegal to smoke cannabis in India, but you do want to be there for the KUMBH MELA festival, which takes place every three years tho. You will find very unusual to see all this babas and hipies smoking tons and tons of cannabis during this iconic festival. Even tho the fest takes place every 3 years most babas smoke cannabis as a matter of practise and insist that their students do the same. Who wouldnt want to subsrcibe to the class like that??


The closest thing to be legalize din India is Bhang, which is a preparetion from female cannabis plant, smoked or consumed as a beverage in the Indian subcontinant.

And the best time to try it is during Holi. You can smoke it, drink it or even stuff it in ladoos (ball-shaped sweet, made of flour and sugar and other ingridients that vary by recipe) This strain of cannabis will take you to another world altogether.


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