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The Coolest Bong - Nintendo 64 Bong!

A lot of us remember the sweet old days and the first Nintendo play stations that came out on a market in 1996 and bombed our minds off! It was so cool to bring your friends over and have an awesome time playing games! However, it was also a negative part about Nintendo was a Controller! Yes, that's right, the buttons on the controller would always stop working because of the pressure that our hands would put on it playing the exciting game. With time, Nintendo 64 was replaced with newer version of it, but until this day, we believe,  anyone can find an extra Nintendo 64 controller that's out of order in your garage.

What do you need it for?- will you ask- Simple! Make an awesome N64 Bong!

N64 Bong presented by Chronic Underground!

* Grab a controller, screwdriver, sandpaper, scissors and a smoking bowl with a short thin stem

* Take N64 controller apart by simply removing all the screws, which you will need later

* Remove all the cords from the back and inside of the controller with the scissors and also get rid of the thumbstick

* Using sandpaper, rub it over the plastic where the Thumbstick used to be, to make it a little bit rough. That will prevent your bowl sliding out of the N64 controller. You might also want to drill the hole a little bit bigger, unless you got a smoking bowl that fits just perfect.

* Place a short thin stem to the hole where the cord used to be and you, put your controller back together and you are ready to go!

Enjoy this wonderful N64 Bong and we will see you back tomorrow for a cool XBox Bong!


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