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The Coolest Bong - The Icee Bong

The Icee -The Frosty Cold Drink loved by millions of people from all over the world - Tasty, delicious, very icee and refreshing. Nothing can be better then that!

The first ICEE ever was invented by Omar Kendlik, in the late 1950's. He owned a Dairy Queen somewhere in Kansas, but didn't have a fountain soda at his shop. So he would buy bottles of soda and place it in a freezer! People loved the soda frozen drink and soon Mr Kendlik realized that he can make a Icee Machine for this purpose! And here his success began.

In our days there are 23-flavors of IcEe and all of them are very tasty.

Back to our subject of the Best and the Coolest bongs from all over the world - we made a research of this wonderful drink to see how we can bring it closer to our matter. And that's what we found - some people actually add the Icee drink inside of their Bongs.. instead of ice cubes. As they say it works pretty good and its more like a thick water consistence inside of your bong, however taste is a little bit weird, but worth an experiment.

But the best part of our research is this Cool Icee Bong

The Icee Bong

 Anyone, who can get a big promotional Icee Cup can make a bong like this, but there is the story to this particular bong.

 As someone claims, that her friend's dad worked for ICEE Company. So this friend's dad got a huge plastic display cup from work and his son got an idea to make a huge bong out of it. They don't specify the construction that they put inside of the Icee Cup (probably en extra bucket or a bottle for the ice), but he, for sure, used his high school's Trumpet Mouthpiece as an inhaling straw. He also made a hole on a side and placed a smoking bowl there. So this huge Icee Cup Bong has been traveling all over the North Carolina State from friends house to a friends house, from a party to a party. The Black Book has been traveling along with this legendary Bong, so everyone who hit it had to sign in it.

Last time this legendary bong has been seen at UNC back in 2003.

Now days no one knows if that bong is still alive and if it is, then no one can prove that it's original. But if you see the Icee Bong at your party - Hit It, because it might be the the Only One and the Coolest Big Icee Bong!

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