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The German Parlament Wants to Legalize Cannabis

On Wednesday January 25th, The German Socialist Left Party called an expert hearing on a subject of "Legalizing cannabis", but the idea met with strong resistance from the politicians of mainstream.

The left party offers the plan, which will allow to open cannabis clubs, where the members will be able to buy cannabis legally. It was recommended also that the clients can buy up to 30 grams of cannabis for the personal use, by that the limit was doubled form the present German limit of cannabis.

The proposal was written by Frank Temple, the ex president of against the drugs group, who worked together with the police of the eastern German state Thuringia. Temple, who is an adviser of the Left Party about the drug policies, talks about the need of change Germany's attitude towards cannabis.

He suggests, that approximately 3.5-4 millions people in Germany use cannabis, and the official government  ban doesn't effect their decisions.

According to the German Cannabis Association, every year in country you can see putting up about 100 thousands criminal cases related to the cannabis.

Tempel said that the ban on cannabis actually encourages the drug abuse, since it limits public awareness. He added that Germany must make priorities of prevention, control and protection of youth drug market, rather then criminalizing it.

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