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The Most Unique Bongs From All Over The Wolrd

Bong is a beautiful, creating thing and for those, who invent it, we should definitely say thanks!

What Bongs were created for? - to get you super crazy high! There are so many designs, sizes, shapes, colors and additional add-on pieces that can satisfy any style and taste.

At any local or online Head Shop you can find a huge variety if Glass Bongs or Acrylic Bongs, cheap or expensive, big or small. However Smoke Pipe Shop Team wants to bring to your attention The Best Of The Best Bongs from All Over The World.


Clarinet is actually a a type of woodwind instrument that has a single-rid mouthpiece, straight cylindrical tube and a flaring bell. Basically the shape of the Bong...

So this Super Cool Bong has been invented by Ms Saxophone:

Clarinet Bong



As Ms Saxophone says, she used a flute end piece of the English horn, and it came out pretty good, with a very nice pull. The only bad thing about using musical instrument like this is too many holes, that you have to cover not to loose your smoke. Ms Saxophone recommends not to use actual Clarinet or Oboe, but English Horn or Saxophone neck joints work Perfect!


Thank you Ms Saxophone for such a fantastic Clarinet Bong!



Smoke Pipe Shop will be bringing one Cool Bong per day, so everyone have time to try them all.

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