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The Official High Times Pot Smoker's Handbook

So earlier 2012 we posted on our blog about The Official High Time's Cooking Book, where you could find recipes of over 50 delicious dishes that contain your favorite weed. So now Smoke Pipe Shop introduce you to another very interesting book, that every stoner would love to have - The Official High Times Pot Smoker's Handbook!

The Official High Times Pot Smoke's Handbook describes 420 things to do when you are stoned, everything - from music to listen to, games to play in, movies to watch and more.

However High Times didnt stop just on that... They include in their interesting book Just Everything

  • How to deal with your dealer?
  • The best world destinations for smokers and how you can find cannabis there
  • How to hide your grass in a car
  • History of the plant
  • Medical and recreational Use of Cannabis
  • Guide to advocacy and activism

And many many other interesting topics!!!

You can buy this wonderful Guide to 420 life directly from The High Times Magazine Head Shop  or Amazon

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