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The Oldest Canabis Found

The Oldest Canabis Were Found!

An International Group Of Scientists Found 789 Gram Of Weed In The Tomb Of The Millenium BC. Interesting Fact That That Marijuana Didn't Have No Differents From Now Days One, Except That It Just Lost The Smell Privelege.

The Old Huge Cemetery Total Area Is 54 Thouthand Square Meters Were Found In Gobi Desert ( South East Of Mongolia) By Local Farmers About 20 Years Ago. During Axcavation, Archeologist Found 2500 Graves, That Were Settle There  Aproximetly  From 3200 To 2000 Years Ago. Human Remains Were Well Preserved.

One Of The Richest Ones Were Huge Tomd Of Shaman. A Lot Of Artifacts Were Found In That Grave, Especially Belongs That You Need In After Death Life: Equipment, Tools, Jewelry, Glassware. By The Shaman's Head Scientist Discover A Leather Basket and A Wooden Bowl By The Legs. Both Of Those Had Something Inside That Was Lightly Pounded And Looked Like Some Kinda Plant.

During The Study, Which Were Attendet By Botanists, Biologysts, Paleonotologists From U.K., USA, China, Italy And Australia Was Discovered That The Found Plant Is Canabis Sativa. Tho It Was Missing The Typical Canabis Smell.

Phytochemical And Genetic Analysis Shows That Found Cannabis Is High Quality, All Of The Male Plants Were Carefully Removed (less phychoactive).

Archeologists Didn't Found No Smoke Pipes Or Bowls, No Other Devices For Smoking Canabis Not In A Shaman's Grave, Not On A Terretory Around It. So The Way Of Smoking It Or Purpose Of Using It Ramain Undescovered.

Scientists Suggest That Canabis Could Be Used As One Of The Spices Along With Prickly Capers, Which Were Also Found In The Tomb.

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