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The Weed Symbol Clothes by MKL Accessories.

Weed SocksWhite & Black Marijuana SocksBlack & Green Cannabis Leaf SocksIf you are a fan of ganja and love not just smoke it but also wear the clothe with it's symbol, then you must check this website out. MKL Accessories offers a huge variety of all kinds of clothing and accessories with Marijuana Symbol. Everything from cute socks and belts to shirts, hoodies and sweatpants. The prices aren't bad at all, starting from $6 and up.

Lovable "The Weed Ankle" socks comes in all colors, white, black, blue, green - anything you like and it's only $6.

Cannabis Symbol Hat

Get your "King Ice Marijuana" or "Money, Weed, Pussy Cat" Hats for only $23, while it's on sale.

You can also find a huge selection of t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pants and even skateboard grits at MKL Accessories.

They also offer a Free Shipping to US & Canada. MKL Accessories also carry other famous clothing brands like Adidas, RVCA, Converse, Paul Frank, Married to Mob, Vnas and others. Find your new style at

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