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This Is The End - A New 2013 Stoner Movie

If you haven't seen this wonderful movie yet, we highly recommend to watch it as soon as possible. A New apocalyptic 2013 comedy with James Franco, Seth Rogen, Even Goldberg, Emma Watson and many other famous actors. This new crazy stoner comedy written and directed by Seth Rogen and Even Goldberg, the actors from the Pineapple express!

So this crazy stoner comedy takes you all the way in, from the fun classy LA House party that turns into Apocalypses with Fire, the earth going down, The Devil himself comes to the ground trying to take over, and poor guys trying to survive at the house with almost no food or water, but with a huge amount of MJ and other tasty treats. However, there is always a way to change yourself and become good, so you can go to heaven, which our heroes trying to do.

Anyways, if you like watching movies after you smoke, this one is definitely for you, especially that it's already on Blu-Ray and DVD. Hurry up and enjoy the movie.

This is the End, stoner comedy 2013  

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