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Top Schools to Learn Glassblowing Art

Pipe Glassblowing ArtHave you ever thought about studying the ancient art of glassblowing? The creative technique transforms glass using the heat of a blowpipe into a bubble to create amazing art pieces. Here are the top US schools to learn how to blow glass into fine art.

Alfred University

The School of Art and Design at Alfred University in Alfred, NY is renowned for teaching glassblowing techniques that will blow your mind. The university houses hot glass studios that contain a 2,000-pound capacity furnace for colored glass. Other state-of-the-art hot equipment there includes three glory holes (reheat furnaces), diamond lathe, diamond core drill press and three fully-equipped glassblowing stations.

Rhode Island School of Design

Whether you are pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies in glassblowing, you are likely to be impressed by the Glass Division of Fine Arts at the Rhode Island School of Design. Students here learn the history and science behind blowing glass, as well as enjoying an open studio dedicated to creativity and experimentation of the long-time art form.

Ohio State University

Students in the Glass Program at Ohio State University’s Department of Art are treated to one of the premier studios in the US. Here, students learn a range of glass-working techniques, how to properly use the equipment and develop an impressive portfolio to use later to gain related work after graduation. Other hot glass processes besides glassblowing are also taught there, including slumping, casting and enameling.

The design and creation of art glass is an amazing craft to learn, and it’s still going strong since its origins, which date back to the Roman Empire in the 1st Century BC. These are the top US schools for the related training, with other teaching facilities found around the world.


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