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Travis Barker Quit Smoking Pot

After the pre-cancerous lesion was found in drummer's lungs, famous American drummer - Travis Landon Barker, quit smoking pot and eat fast food.

Pop Unk band Blink-182 star believes that it's time to take over all his bad habits, especially cannabis smoking, because that's not the lifestyle he would want to embrace.

Doctors found six ulcers and put announced the Barrett's esophagus for Travis. The band has to cancel their May's performances after Barker was taking to an emergency room.

The musician said "I used to love smoking weed, I would smoke weed at night if I had anxiety. I always thought I would be able to do it till the rest of my life, but I love being dad and playing my music, and I don't wanna give it up. So when your health is on a line - you don't mess with it"

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